Shenzo Racing Oil 10w30 (1L) 100% Synthetic Japan Engine Oil

Shenzo Racing Oil 10w30 (1L)

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Best for vehicles under 1,500cc 

Weight: 1.2kg

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    MILEAGE : 10,000 KM

    SHENZO RACING OIL SMART-GT SAE 10W-30 fully synthetic engine oils is formulated to meet the new API SN standards. Oils which comply to the API SN service category have demonstrated in tests to provide greater protectons of the emission systems and turbochargers. This top tier engine oil is much sought after for its outstanding performance protection. It is especially suited for high-rpm engines that may be running hotter.

    The specially selected synthetic components and the advanced additive technology of SMART-GT SAE 10W-30 ensure tip-top performance over extended period of driving. This project is suitable for use in all modern gasoline engine cars and light trucks. It is a licensed product with API (American Petroleum Institute) and carries the "Donut" symbol.


    1. improves fuel economy
    2. improves life of emission components (catalytic converter, oxygen sensors)
    3. improves sludge, deposit and oxidation controls.
    4. improved filter clogging protection
    5. A truly all-season engine oil

  • Volume 1 Liter
    Specification SN
    Mileage 10,000 KM
    Made In Japan

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